Sunday 01 January, 2006

New Whitlock Book
It is hoped that a new Whitlock book,…

…containing his collected music journalism, surviving correspondence, and selected newspaper articles will be available in time for the 60th anniversary of his death on 1 May 2006 . As a taster we reproduce below one of the many letters Whitlock wrote to Leslie Barnard ( to whom many thanks …)

To: Leslie Barnard [undated: December 1939?]

The Pavilion, Bournemouth

Dear Leslie,

This will be only a short one (yes, I know! I've threatened that before, and rarely keep my word). Thank you for yours. 

The Food Office work proceeds, but we are not in full swing yet – hardly any swing at all in fact – just preliminary staggers as yet. 

The orchestra also continues its good work, not unentirely unappreciated by the public, though mostly supported by the more knowledgeable Tory element, as most good things are. 

The ARP continues to be just about to do something. My pupils continue to come for lessons, when I am free to give them them. In fact, my life, as ever, is just a matter of filling in the continuo part. 

Reginald Foort played to 375 people at the Westover on Sunday afternoon: WE played to 800 on Sunday night. Reginald Whitworth has been here, telling me about his experiences as a Sarjeant-Major in the last war. Reginald Palmer has forsaken the RCM and hopes to continue with me. 

One of our staff is a communist – he has persuaded me to invite 4 drunkards and a labour MP to share our cottage – perhaps. 

Now I must continue the work I left to write to you.

All the best.